Millennials Bewitched by Email

Send Registered Email that Returns Timestamped Proof of Delivery and Opening

August 31, 2017 / in Blog, Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Millennials Bewitched by Email

Millennials are, surprisingly, bewitched by email.  More than half of Millennials ages 18 to 24 check their email while still in bed in the morning, and 43% of Millennials ages 25 to 34 report doing the same thing. We were shocked to learn that Millennials prefer to check their email on a PC rather than their smartphone.

While many people obsess about social media, and some are communicating more with text messages, email still rules, especially for business use. The Radicati Group estimates that there are more than 5 billion email accounts worldwide, with 1 billion being used for business.

Considering this, we think it’s a good time to learn a few new “how to’s” about email; tips to simplify your email life. Here are two tips that Tech Essentials believes you will find valuable.

1. How to Edit an Email in your Inbox: It is easy to edit an email in you inbox (or sent folder) with a few mouse clicks, if you use Microsoft Outlook, for example. Why might you want to do this? Email is often a source to remind one of a to-do, or a written discussion. If you know how to insert comments into an existing email you receive, you can more easily see your notes elegantly associated with email sent or received in line. This trick can help you keep your thoughts and notes organized around an email conversation. Once you edit a message received, it will be changed forever, and in many cases, the changes will replicate to all of your devices that view your email (if you use IMAP protocol, for example). Try it! Edit your email and insert your notes inline, and save time. Simply (1) open an email in Outlook, and in the ribbon, (2) click Actions –> Edit Message –> then edit the email content and (3) click “save”. Close the message, re-open… magically your edited message becomes the new email record.

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Wait…can it be that easy to alter an email (record) for personal productivity reasons, so that the edits are undetectable after saved? Well yes, it is. Considering this, can standard email still be a reliable record? Well, maybe not. 

So, then, you might be interested in knowing what to do when sending an email that you would like to save as the “record”. Read on…

2. How to Make Email a Verifiable, Timestamped, Tamper-Detectable Record: Considering how easy it is for a recipient to alter an email in the normal course of business, you might now think that for some email you send, you had better figure out how to send AND retain proof of what your message said — irrefutable proof of who said what when by email in case the recipient alters their copy of your message after receiving it. To prove email, you simply install RMail so it runs inside your Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra (or other program), adding an RMail red Rbutton that, when selected, sends your message by Registered Email™ service. Sending a Registered Email™ message returns timestamped proof of delivery, opening, and message and attachment content; returned in the form of an authenticatable Registered Receipt™ record. This receipt can even re-construct the validated original, without your message being stored on any third party servers.

So now you know, it’s easy to edit a message; but it’s also easy to prove an original message by using RMail. Try RMail (click to try free).