Digital Seal for Sender Signature & Authentication

The Digital Seal® email authentication service provides the recipient with proof of original authorship and sender.

The sender name and address of standard email may be easily modified or spoofed. Internet criminals often pose as trusted senders and insert themselves into an invoice or payment process to trick recipients into sending money to the impostor’s bank. These impostor email attacks come in many forms and are commonly referred to as Business Email Compromise email impostor attacks.

An email sent as a Registered Email™ message returns a Registered Receipt™ email proof of delivery record for the sender, but a Registered Email message alone does not provide the recipient a means of authenticating the original sender.

Adding the Digital Seal® feature to a sent Registered Email™ message provides the recipient a simple way to verify not only original sent content (including attachments), but also authentic author/sender (and original timestamps of transmission).

The Digital Seal® technology reconstructs the electronic originals on demand for any recipient or future recipient if the email is forwarded to others or saved in a storage drive.

This Digital Seal® serves as the ultimate forensic evidence of the email transmission, timestamp, and authorship.

A Certified Email™ transmission is the combination of the Registered Email™ delivery proof plus the Digital Seal® sender authentication technologies.

Unlike Digital Signatures on email, which are not recognized by most browser-based email programs and which lose their integrity if an email is forwarded or modified by anti-virus filters, the Digital Seal® technology applies a durable authentication mechanism that stays with the email regardless of how many times it may be forwarded, scanned, or saved.

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