Email Tracking for Outlook – Proof of Delivery, Content, Timestamp

RMail for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 adds Registered Email™ services, the ultimate in email tracking and proof of delivery.

Registered Email™ certified e-delivery services track delivery and message opening regardless of recipient or system settings and provide an audit trail forensic record that can authenticate content and uniform timestamps.

By contrast, Outlook and other simple read receipts work only if the recipient has Outlook and has the right settings on. Even if it returns a read receipt, (a) the receipt tells nothing about message content, (b) times are based on the sender’s computer and are not uniform, and (c) format is simple text such that it can be modified and is not an authenticatable record proving delivery plus content delivered.

An email sent from Microsoft Outlook as a Registered Email™ message returns a Registered Receipt™ email proof of delivery record for the sender, regardless of recipient actions, settings, or software.

Reliance on bounce notices provides a false sense of security, as most recipient servers turn off bounce notices due to “Directory Harvest Attacks” and “Backscatter Blacklisting” concerns. So senders who do NOT receive a bounce notice cannot rely on that to demonstrate successful delivery.

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