Registered Email™ Services vs. Fax for Proof of Delivery

For important document delivery, messages with sensitive, personal, strategic or regulated consumer information, Registered Email™ services provide court-admissible timestamped proof of content delivered with privacy compliance.

Standard fax machines and e-fax servers present a log of “transmission complete” (assuming a completed transmission) with a notation on the time and number of pages. Most are familiar with the hassles of sending faxes. The following are some challenges for users who rely on fax as a way to transmit documents:

  1. False Confidence: Often pages are not transmitted or are improperly transmitted, so a reported successful transmission by the fax device does not necessarily mean the recipient received all the information or that it was readable.
  2. Recipient Requirements: Requires reliance on recipient having a functioning fax machine.
  3. Ease of Manipulation: Times on the log or stamped on the fax can be easily manipulated by the sender or receiver.
  4. Easy to Challenge: For the above reasons, the transmission log attached to the original fax can be easily challenged.
  5. Administrative Issues: Sending a fax with multiple pages or to multiple recipients invites challenges of the quality and completeness of the transmission.

By contrast, Registered Email™ certified e-delivery services track delivery and message opening regardless of recipient or system settings and provide an audit trail forensic record that can authenticate content and uniform timestamps — regardless of recipient settings, software, or actions.


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