Registered Email™ E-Delivery Proof Comparisons

Who said what and when is the centerpiece of most disputes. Registered Email™ services provide the courtroom edge.

There are challenges when using standard email, fax, file sharing, standard email encryption, email pixel tracking and email read receipts as methods of delivering important email where the sender may need tracking and timestamped proof of delivery in the future. The Registered Email™ service overcomes these challenges.

Looking beyond “legal notices,” in business, most disputes center on a difference of opinion as to who said what to whom and when. Ian Summers, when he was managing director at Aon, explained, “For the benefit of Aon and its trading partners, Aon is using Registered Email services to provide certainty and proof around who said what and when, removing any doubts surrounding email authenticity.” Aon is the world’s largest insurance broker.

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