Send Secure Large File Transfer with Proof of Delivery, Content, and Timestamps

For important files, where delivery, content or timestamps may be questioned in the future, or where privacy is important, using shared drives can create unforeseen risks.

Unlike OneDrive or Dropbox, sending Registered Email™ with the large file transfer feature sets up a one-time-box that is not associated with the sender’s file directory, ensuring privacy of the sender’s file system and directory names; and auto-purges after a set time period to minimize risk of future unauthorized access to shared content. Auto-purge simplifies IT and security staff management of file sharing security.

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Additionally, as the file was shared with the Registered Email™ certified e-delivery services, the sender receives certified proof of sending, delivery, message opening and download with an audit trail forensic record that can authenticate content and uniform timestamps — regardless of recipient settings, software, or actions.

Registered Email™ secure large file sharing supports up to 1GB files sent from within Outlook or the RMail Online web interface and auto-purges after a set time period (configurable from 1 to 90 days) that simplifies administrator security.

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