Receipt Authentication for Registered Email

The Registered Receipt™ email has the capability to authenticate for the sender, and accurately reproduce the original e-mail and attachments, including any attached disclosures, which satisfies the eSign Act and eIDAS retention and accurate reproduction requirements.

The Digital Seal® technology has the capability to authenticate for the recipient, sender authorship, transmission timestamp, and original content and attachments.

The Registered Receipt™ email record, when verified for authenticity, reconstructs from the transaction metadata the authenticated original content, attachments, timestamps, Internet forensics, and delivery analysis. This information is presented to the party inquiring about the message record authenticity, in the form of a Receipt Authentication™ email.

The Digital Seal® sender authentication service includes a transaction timestamp that creates an authentication timestamp of the transaction. This permits the recipient or any future recipient of the message to verify the official and uniform time of original transmission of the message, associated with all message content that was transmitted at that time, and the original content.

Importantly, neither the Registered Receipt™ nor Digital Seal® requires third-party storage of any messages. The receipt and email are converted into self-authenticating records.

Email Authentication technology is RPost patented.

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