Digital Signature + Digital Seal

Digital Seal® technology allows the sender to electronically sign and timestamp an email to verify the sender and authenticity of the message.

The Registered Email® service has a patented Digital Seal® mark option that, when used together, provides non-repudiation of sender, non-repudiation of delivery, non-repudiation of received content and attachments, and non-repudiation of times associated with receipt. When used together, you have full accountability for both parties (sender and receiver). The Digital Seal service cryptographically provides the recipient of an email with a simple means to verify and prove sender, prove original transmitted message content and attachments, and prove official uniform time of transmission analogous to a postmark.

Digital Seal® authorship verification functionality lets recipients verify author and integrity. Permits the recipient or any future recipient the message may be forwarded to, to verify sender authorship (including message content and timestamps) without any requirements on the recipient end.

Digital Seal® transaction timestamp functionality creates authentication timestamps of each transaction. Permits the recipient or any future recipient of the message to verify official and uniform time of original sending of the message, associated with all message content.

Digital Seal® technology is patented.

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