Encrypted Registered Email™ Services Combine Privacy with Proof of Delivery, Content, and Timestamps

For important messages with sensitive, personal, strategic or regulated consumer information, Encrypted Registered Email™ services simplify private transmission and provide proof of privacy compliance.

Dynamically simplifies the email encryption experience for senders and recipients.

  • Customers with a Microsoft email offering (e.g., Office 365 E3, E5) choose RMail for email encryption because of the elegant user experience, especially for the recipient, and for the Registered Receipt proof of privacy compliance, e-delivery proof, and tracking record.
  • Encryption services such as Microsoft’s require the recipient to click links, register, and log in to retrieve the email. This causes frustration and a high rate of unopened mail. RMail encryption is elegant for the recipient as RMail always delivers direct to the recipient inbox without any recipient registration or download requirements.
  • Some try to use S/MIME to encrypt email. Their challenge is (a) they must pre-arrange purchase or and sharing encryption keys (i.e. PKI digital certificates) with each recipient, (b) each recipient needs to have a compatible email program, (c) both senders and recipients must keep arranging sharing new keys as old keys expire, and (d) each recipient needs to be sophisticated enough to install keys, share keys, and manage key expirations. People often, in frustration, send unencrypted. By contrast, RMail delivers direct to the recipient inbox without any email program requirements, and without need for recipient key sharing, registration or download.

Ensures all secure messages sent have adequate levels of privacy; sends email with enforced security.

  • Select minimum TLS (i.e. TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) and, if minimum cannot be met, enforce security with automatic alternate transmission method. Alternate method is also easy; requires no recipient log–ins or retrieval links, delivers direct to recipient inbox, automatically manages passwords.

Includes an automatic option for recipients to reply securely and reply with large files attached.

  • The reply message and its attachments transmit back to the sender encrypted, regardless of the receiver’s system and without recipient log-ins.

Recipient is aware of a secure message and sender is returned an audit-ready compliance record.

  • Marks email so the recipient knows the sender protected the email content; and returns to sender delivery and open tracking visibility, with audit-ready proof of compliance per message to meet GDPR Article 5 and Article 31 compliance.

Automates content rules to simplify compliance for user and admins.

  • Senders can encrypt emails sent on mobile devices by adding a symbol to the subject. Admins can create rules to automatically encrypt messages based on content, using the RMail security gateway, RMail Recommends, and Salesforce.com offerings.

Dynamically varies encryption methods by message importance.

  • Users can toggle between messages, and admins can set rules to treat messages with different levels of encryption —; secure transmission for some, message–level encryption for others. For example, messages with the key words “wire transfer” or “attorney-client privilege” can automatically be sent message-level and encrypted, so that the content remains encrypted through the recipient servers and while in the recipient inbox when not being viewed by the recipient.

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