Registered Email Service and the Law

The only certified email service that has set precedent proving the courtroom edge in state and federal courts in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Legal Proof®.

Our largest customers are some of the world’s most respected brands. Our platform partners use our technologies to automate processes for their customers in their respective industries. As a product innovator, we have built our more than 50 patented innovations into products that our customers and partners enjoy daily, rooted in our original patented Registered Email™ technology.

Legal analyses have been relied on in courts in the USA and countries internationally:

Legal Electronic Transactions, ESIGN, UETA, and UCC Article 9: Lawyers at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP and Locke Lord LLP have reviewed RPost services and affirmed acceptability for use for electronic signatures, e-delivery proof, chattel e-paper and other compliance, in accordance ESIGN, UETA, and UCC Article 9.

  • DELIVERY PROOF: RPost’s Registered Email™ service provides a record of sending and receiving in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) by recording the recipient’s server’s receipt thereof;What constitutes a ‘legally received electronic message’ is defined within UETA. Assuming UETA applies to the transaction (note, although we are referencing United States law, this principle generally holds internationally as this is based upon a United Nations model law that has been used as the foundation for most electronic transaction laws worldwide), an email is deemed “received” under UETA pursuant to Sections 15(b) and (e), which state the following: 15 (b) Unless otherwise agreed between a sender and the recipient, an electronic record is received when: (1) it enters an information processing system that the recipient has designated or uses for the purpose of receiving [6] electronic records or information of the type sent and from which the recipient is able to retrieve the electronic record; and (2) it is in a form capable of being processed by that system. 15 (e) An electronic record is received under subsection (b) even if no individual is aware of its receipt. Similar to when mail is sent, the recipient is deemed to have “received” the email, regardless of whether the recipient is aware of its receipt or retrieves the email, when it enters the recipient’s “information processing system” or server, provided that the recipient has designated that system for use, uses it and can access the system.
  • CONTENT PROOF: The encryption and tamper-detectability of RPost’s Registered Email™ service preserves the contents of emails and their attachments so as to satisfy process requirements designed under UETA or the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and evidence law and to establish evidence of content;
  • OFFICIAL TIMESTAMP: RPost’s link to a trusted and objective time source provides essential and credible evidence in disputes in which time an email was sent or received is material to the case;
  • ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: RPost’s Registered Email™ service receipts are admissible as to their fact of delivery, their legal time of delivery, and the authenticity of their content;
  • FUNCTIONAL EQUIVALENCE: RPost’s Registered Email™ service, under UETA and ESIGN, can serve as the functional equivalent of paper mail, to be used in lieu of certified mail, registered mail, return receipt mail, private express mail services, fax logs and similar types of paper mail services; and
  • ELECTRONIC ORIGINAL: RPost’s Authentication Receipt™ provides a true electronic original of the message content, message attachments, and transmission metadata including the delivery audit trail.

For Legal Electronic Notice and Signature Requirement for Factors, Asset-based Lenders & Financial Intermediaries, RPost legal e-delivery proof and e-signatures satisfy legal requirements when UETA and ESIGN defer to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) on the applicability of electronic transactions in certain areas. As a result, for factors and other secured lenders, the UCC, and in particular UCC Section 9, governing secured transactions, is more important than UETA and ESIGN, and RPost services operated in accordance with e-transaction requirements of UCC Article 9.

Registered Email™ Service Customers Tell Their Success Stories.

Customers worldwide have shared their success stories. A selection for use of the Registered Email™ services are at these links:

  • United Nations WIPO
  • US Congress’s Government Accountability Office
  • State of California
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • Shell
  • United States Federal Government regulator using RMail Registered Email™ to serve court notices on litigants with Federal courts accepting the Registered Receipt™ as legally valid proof of delivery of summons and subpoena (United States Securities & Exchange Commission).
  • Brazilian Supreme Court and the US Securities and Exchange Commission adopt use of RMail Registered Email™ services.
  • New York law firm secures $100 million default judgement for fashion house Hermes with use of RMail Registered Email™ services.
  • Chicago law firm describes success in state and Federal courts with use of RMail Registered Email™ services.
  • Process server in Texas describes court-permitted use of RMail Registered Email™ services for providing primary service of legal complaints.

The Registered Email service by RPost continues to receive accolades and awards across industry and internationally. We have been endorsed or identified as a top choice for messaging and document transaction security, privacy compliance, and functionality. RPost won the World Mail Award for Best in Security and has been consistently recognized by leading tech analysts Gartner and Forrester. RPost is the  top choice for legal e-delivery in The Corporate Council Guide (JMBM), for privacy compliance by the London-based Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (GDPR Guide) and by  insurance, real estate trade and law industry associations including the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), the Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESRPO), The Florida Bar, and the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB). RSign was named a “top five” e-sign service worldwide, with top scores in several categories (Forrester Research E-Signature Wave). Additionally, RPost has received the AIN Innovation Award and the prestigious German Mittelstand Award for Best in Security.

Registered Email™ technology is RPost patented.

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