Legal Proof: Certified Email Delivery

Registered Email™ service is the global standard for proof of email delivery, content, and timestamp, relied on in countries worldwide, since 2000.

The RMail Registered Email™ service is the worldwide standard for legal and verifiable proof of email delivery, message and attachment content and official timestamp, returning a self-authenticating and court-admissible Registered Receipt™ record for every message sent.

Simple Automation and Volume Sending. All business applications (i.e. invoicing, collections, payslips, customer notifications, etc.) may be easily configured to send automated messages as Registered Email messages (optionally encrypted) by simply adding a domain extension to each recipient email address domain, using the RMail Gateway set up through a smart host or using RMail REST APIs. Messages may be sent and message status data and Registered Receipt proof records may be retrieved, all automated using email or APIs

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