Legal Proof® Service

RPost’s Registered Email™ service is the worldwide standard for email tracking with court-accepted and timestamped proof of content delivered.

When compared to other technologies by lawyers, RPost’s Registered Email™ service led the category by a wide margin.

The Registered Email™ service, included with RMail:

  1. Returns the highest level of proof of compliance (delivery, content, time) with notification and privacy requirements.
  2. Provides tamperproof, court accepted, legally valid electronic proof of delivery records.
  3. Supports legal validity with robust legal opinions and analyses that are publicly available.
  4. Installs with a few clicks, making it easy to implement. Recipients need nothing on their end.
  5. Includes advanced email encryption and electronic signature functionality as an all-in-one productivity suite.
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The Corporate Counsel Guide, “CONVERTING LEGAL & CONTRACT NOTICES FROM PAPER TO ELECTRONIC DELIVERY,” was written by Stanley M. Gibson, a partner at the Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell law firm.

Contact our integration team to learn more about how you can add Registered Email™, RMail, and RSign services to your workflows.