Registered Email™ Means Legal Proof® Evidence

It’s been the global standard for email proof worldwide since 2000.


  • Patented legal and verifiable proof of email opening, delivery time, exact message content, and official timestamps sent and received.
  • Self-Authenticating Receipt. For every message sent, the sender receives the Registered Receipt™ e-mail record that authenticates and accurately reproduces the original e-mail and attachments, including any attached disclosures, which satisfies the E-Sign Act’s retention and accurate reproduction requirements, EIDAS requirements in Europe, and other country and regulatory proof of delivery and proof of receipt requirements.
  • Encrypted Registered Email™ Message. A message may be sent with different levels of encryption based on content, destination, and other factors.
  • Register Reply™ Message. The sender can record the reply and authorize an encrypted reply, e-signature, or click-consent.
  • Simple Automation and Volume Sending. All business applications, including invoicing, collections, payslips, and customer notifications, can be easily configured to send automated messages — encrypted if desired — by simply adding a domain extension and using existing gateways and smart hosts. Sending of messages, message status, and proof of receipt are all automated using email or APIs.
  • Unique Transaction Record. The returned Registered Receipt™ is a patented, durable, verifiable, and self-contained record of each email transmission. Senders view this receipt in their email programs; it includes an XML file. The sender may extract and import transmission data from a variety of reports. The receipt’s HTML file may be used by any party to authenticate the transmission data and reconstruct the original email content – without the Registered Email™ system storing a copy of the message or transmission data. But message status and transaction proof records may be retrieved using automated email or APIs.

The Registered Email™ services by have been enhancing security, compliance and productivity for two decades and are used in more than 100 countries worldwide by governments and businesses of all sizes.

Registered Email™ technology is RPost patented.

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