Electronic Signatures Empower Your Business Processes

Electronic Signatures Empower Your Business Processes

June 03, 2016 / in Electronic Signatures / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

eSignature technology offers much more than just the ability to get a document signed remotely.

eSignature technology also provides businesses with the opportunity to completely reinvigorate decades-old business processes, enhance productivity, and automate mundane work flows.

Are eSignatures legal? US ESIGN law states, in short, that a legal eSignature is a sound, symbol, or mark, made with intent to sign. In short, yes.

Will an eSigned document be admissible in court? Can it be authenticated after the fact? If a leading eSignature technology is used; if the record is hashed; and if the record associates the signed content and includes timestamps and a forensic audit trail, yes.

These are the basics. What is perhaps more interesting about eSignatures is the opportunity to streamline and automate many mundane tasks associated with getting an agreement or other document signed.

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Here are some tasks that leading eSignature platforms can help you accomplish with greater efficiency:

    1. Attach any Microsoft Word or PDF document to an email and with a few clicks, send it so the recipient can click, use their mouse to script, or type to indicate signoff. The recipient (or signer) is led through a guided signing experience that culminates with a signed copy being sent to all parties.
    2. Set a document or form up with signature areas, fill-in fields, and more; save it as a template online, so that any time you need to complete a similar transaction, you can reuse the saved template. You can even share these “eSign” ready templates for a work group to share.
    3. You can configure the eSignature software to send automatic reminders to signers, until the document is signed. You can even choose the sequence of signoff (if the order is important), which ensures that the document is signed in your desired signing order.
    4. You can track who has signed and who is holding your process up, with visibility as to what is happening and who may need a follow-up call.
    5. You can send contract related notices with a returned receipt to legally prove when a price change notice, demand, or other contract related change order was sent, by simply attaching them to Registered Email™ messages.

RPost has created two eSignature-enabled products designed for business professionals. RMail includes an easy-to-use eSignature feature as part of RMail’s all-in-one solution set and can be used seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. RSign is a new web-based eSignature platform that combines advanced features such as templates, reminders, and roles with an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface.