Optimize 2020

E-Sign Panel: Today’s E-Signatures are More Than a Signature

What are the most important elements of e-signature solutions, and how are users optimizing user experience, automation, and affordability?

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


  • Jungheinrich: Global material handling/intralogistics provider, having completed global e-sign RFP, now deployed e-sign across Europe and expanding to 40 countries for heavy equipment leasing contracts.
    • Nicole Stiller, Project Leader, Rental Solutions
  • Impellam: Global talent acquisition, managed workforce, and staffing provider, recently completed global e-sign RFP to replace two incumbent e-sign providers, one in Europe, one in Americas, with one global e-sign solution.
    • Paul Davis, Commercial Manager
  • London Mutual Credit Union: Premier UK credit union with integrated e-sign for loan and other applications.
    • Shan Godagama, IT Manager
  • Fern: UK-based international banking and credit union platform having integrated e-sign and e-forms into platform using APIs, with hundreds of credit unions and bank clients benefiting.
    • John McGucken, Managing Director