Postal Services Deployments of Registered Email™ Services Increase 300% Quarter Over Quarter

Postal Services Deployments of Registered Email™ services Increase 300% Quarter Over Quarter

July 27, 2011 / in Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Postal Services in Colombia and Bermuda Deploy New Customers using RPost Technologies

Service use by major customers in each market has increased 300% over the last calendar quarter.

In Colombia, RPost Registered Email™ services are offered by 4-72, the Colombia postal service, under the brand Certim@il™, to its 45 million citizens. “We are pleased to announce EPM Telecomunicaciones (UNE) as one of our newest Certim@il customers. EPM is one of the largest utilities in Colombia offering clients a complete set of telecommunications and other utility services across its national network,” describes Leon Dario Foronda Ceballos, corporate business development at 4-72 Colombia Post. “UNE is well known for pursuing excellence and delivering first class services to its clients; and as such, clearly recognized the value of corresponding with its clients in a secure and verifiable manner using the Registered Email™ service.”

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When UNE needed to send a communication by paper to its clients, it took at least 4-6 days for customers within a major city, and at least 12 days for rural customers. Now, UNE reports it can reach its clients electronically in minutes by sending high value customer correspondence as Registered Email™ messages, returning legally valid proof of delivery, content and time received by its clients. UNE specifically reports sending Registered Email™ message responses to client requests, petitions, complaints and claims. UNE further reports they plan to start signing new service contracts and sending invoices with the Registered Email™ services later this year.

In Bermuda, new customers include six departments of the Bermuda Government, among others. These customers have reported using Bermuda Post Registered Email™ service for legally valid proof of content and time of receipt of notices, for legally signing contracts electronically, and for sending confidential correspondence in a secure, encrypted, and compliant manner.

Both Bermuda Post Registered Email™ and 4-72 Colombia Post Certim@il services are powered by RPost technology.