Optimize 2021

SMARTech Applications Perspectives: E-Sign E-Security Bliss.

The most progressive companies and business process management applications are re-thinking their e-sign and e-security approaches. Today, it no longer is good enough to be able to “check-the-box” to say you have some sort of e-sign or email encryption available. Today users need to use these technologies more than ever. Smarter companies and business applications providers are employing SMARTer technologies and are considering optimizing their user experiences, automation, inter-connected data flows, and affordability (for when these e-sign and e-security services need to be used every day by everyone).

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


  • Purchase Quote-to-Order Showcase: Simple ways to replication automation, what you can learn from Frama’s SAP-integrated e-sign process–truly a SMARTer way.
    • Volker Sommerfeld, Frama Digital Solutions Director (Europe)
  • Human Resources: Simple ways to enable your HR systems for e-signatures, considering what tech to use for what type of forms or processes and what you can learn from the VISMA (global HR/ERP platform)
    • Mariëlle Kuijpers, Product Marketing Manager, VISMA HR/ERP platform (Netherlands, Nordics)
    • Astrid Bon-Stikkelorum, Senior Associate HR/Functional Manager, GGZ Rivierduinen
    • Leo de Rooij, Director, RPost Netherlands
  • Contract Management: A SMARTer way to think about contract lifecycle management is to consider a contract cloud that thinks smartly about the needs to prove e-delivery of contract notices (changes in price, terms, etc.), privacy related to contract terms shared in email-laden negotiations, plus feature-rich and more affordable e-signatures, sequential e-signing and more. Think Contract Cloud.
    • Harry Angel, Symfact CLM platform Director, Symfact
  • Security Gateway: Automating inbound messaging security seems obvious, but also automating outbound messaging e-security — what should be encrypted, how and when using AI — is SMAR It’s even SMARTer if the type of encryption is matched with the level of bliss you would like your encrypted email recipient to feel. With email encryption, thinking about sender needs plus the recipient user experience is SMART.
    • Kevin Beatty, Vice President, MDaemon Technologies, email server and security software developer.
  • Microsoft and Google Workspace: Most businesses run their messaging on Microsoft Office as a service (Microsoft 365) or Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite, Gmail for business). When it comes to business users that send messages of consequence, in particular those in highly regulated industries such as financial services/insurance, legal, healthcare, add-ons to these platforms can provide the “edge” in terms of complying with regulations and mitigating operational cyber and reputational risk — all the while driving business performance. While there are some native elements of e-security inside these ubiquitous general email platforms, there are tools that can truly make Google and Microsoft better for consequential business. Hear about which e-sign and e-security extensions both simplify experiences and securely empower users.
    • Don Previti, Fin Tech Expert, ACE IT, a financial services-centric managed service provider.
  • Property Management / Self Storage: Technology to manage tenants — especially individual tenants — needs to think SMARTly about legal consequences. How to legally deal with tenants who are skirting payments and who are non-responsive, how to more elegantly onboard new tenants with e-signatures that will stand up to legal scrutiny if something goes wrong later. Legal e-communications and e-signatures are SMART
    • Rohan Shenoy, VP Operations, Self-Storage Manager tenant management platform