H2OSatellite Brings Registered Email™ To 2,700 Supertankers & Yachts

H2OSatellite Brings Registered Email™ service To 2,700 Supertankers & Yachts

April 30, 2011 / in Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

H2OSatellite has selected RPost’s Registered Email™ service to enhance their satellite messaging solutions for the maritime industry. RPost will provide ships at sea the ability to send important notices to harbormasters, customs agents, insurance brokers, and logistics companies.

Ships often have different operating costs in terms of insurance and lease fees while at sea versus when at port.

Ship operators will now be able to provide insurance and lease-related notices by Registered Email™ message with RPost returning legal records of time of receipt of these notices, transmitted by H2O’s satellite communications systems.

From supertankers to yachts, over 2700 vessels already rely on H2O Satellite’s tailored solutions sending nearly 100,000 messages every day.

H2OSatellite provides transmission packages including Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT and also GSM, broadband and ISDN, for use with their innovative products.

With decades of experience in both maritime satellite communications and the sea, H2OSatellite know just how vital it is to ensure that systems and communications on-board run flawlessly.

As ships become more connected and use complex applications to send and receive operational data an IT outage can quickly become crippling and safety and welfare can be compromised.


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They were the first in the industry to offer new IP packages including crew web browsing, and in Europe provide the fastest most compact VSAT solution on the market.