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How to Get Legal Proof® Records of Email Delivery

In the world of business, it can be costly when the recipient claims that the certified mail envelope received was empty or if they claim they never received an important message. That’s why Legal Proof® receipts are built into RMail®. A Registered Receipt™ email record is returned for every RMail message sent, and it is the most effective way to certify the delivery of high value electronic correspondence no matter what platform the sender used to send Registered Email™ or what the recipient has or does on their side. The RMail® Registered Email™ service is better than the green tracking slip senders receive from the postal service or the tracking number from FedEx or UPS because it returns proof regardless of recipient actions, and it also proves the content that was transmitted.

Summary of Features and Benefits

Senders can rely on RMail® Registered Receipt™ email in the event of a dispute. The Registered Receipt™ Record serves as court-admissible certified proof of delivery with delivery status, time of delivery, and exact message content.

There is also a Complete Delivery Audit Trail: A complete SMTP delivery audit trail — forensic proof of message delivery, delivery time, and other delivery characteristics. Message Authentication: Reconstructs original message with email content, attachments, HTTP Record, SMTP Log, SMTP History and DNS Record and proof of encrypted delivery.