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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping government treasuries ensure they have the funds to invest to improve your community infrastructure and programs.

And we’ve been doing it with them since 2018

Registered Email™ Proof for Government Treasury & Tax

RMail RSign
RMail & RSign: Main Uses
RMail and RSign run inside Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and to extend existing messaging sending interfaces for government treasury and tax professionals to easily send enforceable electronic notifications, and more.
Registered Email™: Main Uses
Providing the highest levels of court acceptable proof of delivery of required or legal electronic versions of traditional notices such as tax notices, subpoenas, summons, and certified mail information requests.
Popular Features
RMail Registered Email™ services’ Registered Receipt™ email delivery proof record, with its court-admissible Receipt Authentication™ functionality.
Government Authorized Information Technology

Identified as a top choice for messaging and document transaction security, privacy compliance, and functionality by AT&T for more than a decade, RPost services (Registered Email™: RMail, RSign) are offered as part of AT&T Government Authorized Information Technology, General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services, GSA Schedule 70, GSA Contract GS-35F-0249J. RPost has been selected top choice for legal e-delivery proof in the Jeffer Mangels Butler Mitchell LLP authored Converting Legal & Contract Notices from Paper to Electronic Delivery – The Corporate Council Guide.

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We found RPost. It’s actually been pretty phenomenal. It’s both a cost savings and better process. For us it’s absolutely essential.

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Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown

Deputy Treasurer, Loudoun County, Virginia

Features & Benefits

Registered Email™, RMail, and RSign run elegantly inside Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, Gmail,, and may easily be automated using standard mail merge and other email sending automation tools.

All-in-one Messaging Solution for Government Treasury and Tax Professionals

Treasury, Tax, regulatory, oversight, enforcement, and litigation related government professionals know the importance of evidence, confidentiality, and timeliness, as these are mandatory for success in their field. RMail Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof empowers treasury and tax, attorneys, litigation support, investigatory, enforcement and other government professionals with messaging tools that provide legal and court accepted proof of electronic delivery, the ability to send encrypted email privately, and the convenience of shifting important correspondence to email.

  • Send E-Certified Legal Notices, Enforcement Letters, Subpoena, Summons, and more
  • Encrypt Email and Documents Containing Sensitive or Private Information
  • Enable Recipients to Reply Encrypted
  • eSign Client Declarations, Settlements, Resolutions, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and more
  • Serve by Email
  • Send Large Files by Email
  • Retain Centralized Registered Receipt™ Email Evidence

The Power of Proof

When deadlines need to be met or when disputes may arise concerning “who said what when,” or “who received what when,” proof matters. With RMail’s Registered Receipt email record, you’ll get certified evidence of compliance with every RMail message you send, proving delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content. The Registered Receipt™ record provides court-admissible evidence of delivery and is considered an acceptable form of notice as defined by regulators.

Main Features for Government Treasury and Tax Professionals

Registered Email™ certified e-delivery tracking and proof provides advanced open and delivery tracking and proof, with timestamped proof of original content legally delivered. It returns to the sender a court-admissible timestamped Registered Receipt email without requiring any action or setting at the recipient level.

Registered Email proof is most popular among litigation support, lawyer, and other government professionals.

Email encryption automatically delivers email in a unique way to each recipient, creating the simplest user experience for the recipient while also returning auditable proof of privacy and compliance to the sender — going far beyond basic TLS and link-retrieval systems. RMail includes different levels of encryption for when it is important to keep messages private from recipient’s email administrators and others inside their organization.

Certified, Timestamped, Court Admissible Proof of Email Delivery

Peer Reviews

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RPost was the only solution that satisfied all seven legal requirements essential to yield a legally valid and court admissible record with high evidential weight as to the official time a notice was sent, received, and the content of the notice cover and attachments.

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Stanley Gibson

Law Partner at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP in The Corporate Counsel Guide.

“The RPost services satisfied the evaluation requirements with a score that was more than double the score of the closest comparable technology and service provider. More importantly, RPost was the only solution that satisfied all seven legal requirements essential to yield a legally valid and court admissible record with high evidential weight as to the official time a notice was sent, received, and the content of the notice cover and attachments. This protects the sender’s organization in the case where time, receipt, notice content, or notice compliance is challenged by the recipient. The RPost service is the provider of choice for converting legal and contract notices to electronic delivery. Additionally, the RPost service includes advanced email encryption options and functionality for obtaining recipient electronic signatures on contracts attached to email, as an all-in-one package.” Adds Stanley Gibson in the Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP “The Corporate Counsel Guide”.

Requirements: Legal & Compliance

RMail® Registered Email™ and Registered Encryption™ provide simple to use and automated privacy compliance for HIPAA, GDPR, and other state and country regulations protecting personal private information, returning auditable proof of privacy compliance and legal and court admissible delivery in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record for each message sent. Different industries have different requirements for proof of delivery of legal notices, with Registered Email™ services relied on internationally for the highest evidential and court admissible electronic record of proof of delivery, content, and timestamp.

Disclaimer: Neither RPost nor its affiliates provide legal opinions. The information on RPost and its affiliates and products websites is for general information purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice or to provide any legal opinions. Laws and regulations change from time to time and neither RPost nor its affiliates guarantee that all of the information on RPost and its affiliates websites are current, correct, or with sufficient detail for the purpose of each reader. You should consult your legal counsel for specific jurisiction and issues.
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