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Survey Report: Law Firm End Users and E-Sign, E-Security


Law Firm End User Survey Report for E-Sign, E-Security, and E-Delivery Proof Technology Use

After a firm deploys a new software or e-document solution, IT directors are usually confronted with the challenge to assess how it is used and what’s the impact on the bottom line and employee productivity. This report analyzes law firm RMail and RSign end user survey data, and who uses these solutions including Email Delivery Proof, Electronic Signatures, Email Encryption and Large File Transfers. The goal of the report is to uncover what solutions are used the most, how often, why and when, what was used before these solutions were deployed, and what specific benefits users have experience. Here is a glimpse at a few highlights from the report: (1) 92% use Registered Email® legal delivery proof services, with 22% sending these important messages also encrypted for data privacy. (2) $4,100 realized financial benefit per user per year, based on use frequency and migration. (3) 88% reported the greatest value from these services was proof of email receipt.