RSign’s Feature Richness Will Get You Best-in-Class, Scalable eSignature software

RSign’s Feature Richness Will Get You Best-in-Class, Scalable eSignature Software

March 03, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

We hear from our current e-sign customers a lot about what are they looking for and why they wind up switching to RSign.

Based on the popularity of our Email Eavesdropping™ series run over the last 4 weeks, we’re going to start up a new four-part series this week. We’ll be focusing on RSign and how it’s feature richness and affordability will get you best-in-class, scalable e-signature software that will save you a lot of time and money.

So, let’s start off with some automotive adventures…It was time for me to get new tires. Los Angeles, which, this past weekend notwithstanding, is mostly light on rain and snow. However, it is obviously still useful to have good, deep tire treads. 

So, where to go? I took my car into one of the big brands, Firestone. I figured they’d have the tire features I needed, and how could I go wrong with a big brand like Firestone? I left with 4 tires with that “new” tire oily shine and strangely pleasant rubbery smell 😊.

After a month, the low tire pressure light came on, one (Los Angeles-cold) 50-degree morning. I figured it was just the air condensing due to the colder temperature, so I isolated the tire with the issue, topped off the air, and went on with my day. A week later, that pesky tire pressure light came back on. I topped off the air. A week later, again the light came on. 

I brought the car back to Firestone. They said sure the tire pressure is low but there was no leak – the problem was “user error”, and they charged me for their time! A week later, again the light. I brought the car back to Firestone. Same issue, low air pressure, no perceptible leak, “user error”. After a few cycles of this, I thought I should just switch to a new tire manufacturer, perhaps a friendlier brand, that was not going to charge me each time I had a legitimate question and concern. 

But then you think about the switching costs? If I bought one Michelin tire but had three different Firestone tires, would the car be somehow off kilter? By now you’re very likely wondering ‘what does this have to do with tech?’ 
When it comes to e-signatures today, some feel boxed in with the big brand that they may have started with. Even a slight cost savings with an alternative might not cover the switching cost. Sound familiar with some e-sign providers? Many software service companies build this ‘switching cost avoidance’ into their business models.

Back to tires (briefly): In the end, I chose to bite the bullet and switch ALL my tires out to a friendlier brand, one that was affordable and had all the tire features I needed. In my case, even though there were no cost savings, I was looking for a friendly experience – a (tire) supplier who would be there for me if and when needed.
We hear from our current e-sign customers a lot about what are they looking for and why they wind up switching to RSign. Much of this rationale is reflected in our RSign Manifesto:

RSign is:

  • Feature-Rich – most important, as it needs to do what you need; even the obscure.
  • Elegantly Easy – without user bliss, users will not want to use or switch.
  • Friendlier to Work With – people want to know that if there’s an issue, they will be treated well. If needing to learn how to get more out of the service, humans will show them the way.
  • Enterprise Grade – large companies need all the security, legalities, federated authenticationand compliance issues addressed.
  • Integrated – works seamlessly (or frictionless) with other platforms (Salesforce, iManage, NetDocuments, Applied Epic, other CRMs…).

If the above criteria are met, then, and only then, does (much more) affordability become important when considering switching costs. Thus, our tagline is 15 minutes will save you 50% or more on world class e-signature services.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how RSign is truly worth the switch for all its great features and affordability.