RPost Services are Better Together with Microsoft

RPost Services are Better Together with Microsoft

May 12, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Mother’s Day – it’s always better together.

Mother’s Day is all about getting the family together and celebrating the one person in the family that is often the glue holding things (typical family chaos) together. Better celebrated together; if at all possible. Better together.

For us at RPost, our customers often think of Microsoft as the mothership --- the core of their computing and messaging environment with all that lovely Microsoft jargon: Windows, Office, Teams, Outlook, Exchange, E3, E5, and the plethora of packages that make your mind numb. But, without Microsoft, the mothership of computing, where would we be?

Well, for this Tech Essentials, we’ll dedicate it to all the mothers out there and to the mothership of desktop computing, Microsoft. With RPost services, we often say, we’re better together with Microsoft. We don’t really overlap, but we add layers of business communications, security, and digital transaction services that simply work well with Microsoft and make Microsoft better for YOU.

Our Microsoft-centric customers know the value RMail brings, over and above what they have with their Microsoft E3/5 offerings. The decision to attach RMail is simple; it plugs some eSecurity gaps where Microsoft is not focused, and it provides enhancements for compliance and productivity that are not included in Microsoft suites. 

In short, RPost and Microsoft are better together.

Some reasons why, follow:

The areas of overlap between Microsoft and RPost are on the email encryption part --- essentially if a customer switches to RPost’s RMail email encryption service, they get the best-user-experience plus a whole lot more value not provided by Microsoft or others. 

Finally, on the secure file share part, even though users may have Teams or SharePoint for sharing links to files, RPost customers prefer the RPost included Secure Large File Share as it is integrated into Outlook making it seamless for senders to attach and send up to 1GB of files from Outlook without having to create any share folders and best of all, files auto-purge after a configurable period of 1 to 90 days.

For Mother’s Day, try RMail with your mothership of desktop computing, Microsoft.