RMail’s Aggregate Eavesdropping Heartbeat Monitor Offers a Daily Snapshot of Email Eavesdropping Risks

RMail’s Aggregate Eavesdropping Heartbeat Monitor Offers a Daily Snapshot of Email Eavesdropping Risks for MSPs or IT Admins

February 17, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RMail’s heartbeat monitor is like having your own email secret service patrolling your inbox.

Previously on Tech Essentials, we let you live through, in chilling detail, a sophisticated email scam that originated with an email exchange that was eavesdropped on by a cybercriminal gang. In retrospect, the most sophisticated aspect of the scam was the initial eavesdropping itself—the latter steps only leveraged the telephone and/or email and cheap photo editing software.

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Fortunately, there’s RMail PRE-Crime services with Email Eavesdropping™ alerts, which effectively kick the legs out from under this initial stage of the scam. Even more fortunate is that Email Eavesdropping™ alerts can run in the background—even while you sleep!

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Now, let’s take a trip in the RMail wayback machine to February 17, 1974—exactly 49 years ago today. This is the date of the infamous White House Helicopter incident where a disgruntled army pilot thought he would prove his unfair treatment to the people who would not graduate him from pilot school. He stole a Huey helicopter from a nearby base and landed it on the South Lawn of the White House.

Fortunately, the U.S. Secret Service, who are tasked with patrolling the White House 24/7/365, were on hand to monitor the helicopter’s movements and make sure the deranged pilot came nowhere near the White House itself. (The then President Nixon was away in Florida at the time.) The would-be assailant was quickly apprehended and charged with unlawful entry into the White House grounds.

What can we learn from this nearly half-century old incident—aside from ‘don’t visit the most secure facility in the world with a helicopter and without an invitation’? Simply put: consistent surveillance and monitoring is where real security begins.

And this is where RMail’s Aggregate Eavesdropping™ Heartbeat Monitor comes in. It offers a daily snapshot of eavesdropping risks for MSPs or IT admins. This aggregate report provides peace of mind by forensically monitoring the journey of all outbound messages to the recipient and beyond. IT Admins or MSPs can swiftly investigate further if they see any high alerts or unusual activity across all users, all domains, and all companies that they manage or monitor security for. See the example below:

Aggregate Email Eavesdropping Heartbeat Monitor

Put another way: The Heartbeat Monitor provides you the assurance (via RMail AI) that there is active threat hunting not only where and while you sleep in your white (picket-fence) house, but also that it is actively monitoring across the ether inside your recipient email accounts and the accounts of their friends too! Think of it as having your own (email) Secret Service patrolling your inbox and those of the people with whom you correspond.

Feel free to contact us to discuss RMail, its cutting-edge Email Eavesdropping™ alerts, or if you have any concerns about your own systems being eavesdropped on. And stay tuned next week, as we’re offering up a special bonus installment in our Email Eavesdropping™ series.