Prevent Accidental Sending of Sensitive Messages

Prevent Accidental Sending of Sensitive Messages

June 07, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

What Does Humanizing E-Security Actually Mean?

A common theme in marketing over the past year plus has been the concept that complex technologies and previously anonymous-seeming processes need to be ‘humanized’. This is likely rooted in the pandemic and a need to give people more of a personalized touch when many are living through a lock-down. Unless you managed to not watch any ads on TV recently, you’ll hear this in the ubiquitous (and now meaningless) messaging which starts with, “In these unprecedented times…”

“In these unprecedented times…” quickly became the object of derision (showing how companies had no original ideas about how to confront the pandemic) and humor (spoofs have been seen across the internet in memes and on SNL). But, as the adage goes, just because you’re sick of something doesn’t make that thing untrue. The fact remains that as technology and processes do get more complex, human beings and human emotions still need to be considered.

On a deeper level this probably stems from the same sentiments behind many dystopian sci-fi films from the 20th century. One that comes to mind is George Lucas’ 1971 film, THX 1138 where anonymous technology is so ingrained in the future than people cease to have names and are defined entirely by their ‘functions’. This idea resonated well enough 50 years ago that the studios happily greenlit Lucas’ next sci-fi project: Star Wars.

So marketing clichés and old movies aside, technology really does need to be humanized if only so as not to alienate human beings (and in fact, embrace typical human shortcomings). We’ve done our small part at RPost by infusing AI security in RMail in our latest build, which makes e-security invisibly more fool-proof and in an unobtrusive manner, sensitizes human email senders to how they might better treat certain important messages, with some in-the-moment (as they are sending) e-security training. We call this “humanizing e-security”, which includes three things:

    1. Securing the human factor (i.e., preventing sensitive messages from not being encrypted, helping users not send a sensitive message to a wrong recipient, or helping users remove potentially embarrassing metadata (history of edits and editors) in attached documents, etc.);
    2. Making e-security simple and automated enough for humans with in-the-moment (in-the-process-of-sending) automatic training that sensitizes end users to e-security issues without having to have IT trainers involved; and finally
    3. Having friendlier human beings available to ensure customer success, friendly humans who are there for customer admins or end users whenever they need them.

You should know that we are dedicating the entire first track of our June 17 Optimize!2021 virtual conference to humanizing technology with sessions devoted to solving human error, automatic encryption and visualizing (i.e., humanizing) data. Click here to register.

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These sessions will be hosted by our own very talented, very human customer success and product development staff who are truly the best in the business. I can’t wait for you to hear what they say (albeit virtually), and we’re really getting excited here as we’re now less than two weeks away from our RPost user conference, Optimize!2021 eSign & E-Security.

(P.S. If you would like to get started with our humanized e-security now, click here for a free trial for RMail or RSign).