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R-Identify, E-Notary and Multifactor Authentication Services

R-Identify™ services are electronic, automated, remote identification service to identify user, signer, and/or document automation. They are highly configurable and API accessible with many combinations, to suit RMail, RSign, or third-party system needs.

Common R-Identify services include knowledge-based authentication, multi-factor email and SMS authentication, remote online notary, government ID verification, biometric facial “selfie” identity verification, one-time passcode (OTP) authentication, secret question authentication.

R-Identify services are designed as a module that can connect to RMail, RSign, and third-party services based on the customer, user, message, or e-sign template profile. After user authentication, the user becomes an identified user in the system which provides more options for future re-identification of previously identified users.